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  • Shock 4Way 3D 1.29

    In order to improve your computer's small screen display, this software provides 4 virtual desktops. General purpose of this program is to use 4
  • Shock FLV Player 1.0

    FLV format is the most common online video format on the Internet. Almost all the videos on such websites as youtube and myspace are spread exactly in
  • Shock View 2.31

    View and edit your digital photos View and edit your digital photos, batch rename them with Shock View. Shock View is an image viewer for digital
  • Shock IP Changer 1.2

    You can configure your network interfaces by using the IP management utility Shock IP Changer. It enables you to eliminate network reconfiguration
  • Shock Desktop v1.25

    It is utility to save/recover desktop icon locations. It provide easy recovery of icon locations and additionally, it provides showing desktop icon in
  • Shock 4Way v2.71

    In order to improve notebook user’s small screen, it provide 4 virtual
  • Shock AdSense v0.7

    This is a management tool for Google AdSense users. This is one-step upper level of report than that provided in preexisting AdSense site. It is
  • Shock Aero 0.97

    The handy software Shock Aero makes it possible for you to bring the effects of Window vista on XP operation system. It transfers the beautiful
  • Shock Calendar 1.37

    Shock Calendar is an utility for the users that frequently check the clock and the
  • Orange Shock -

    A cool looking cursor theme with Smooth transparency and various
  • Shock Caption 1.5

    It is utility to make windows in caption bar size and recover again. The process can be easily executed by clicking right mouse button on the caption
  • Shock Sticker 2.93

    Shock Sticker is a post-it utility for Windows capable to manage memos and schedules.Additionally Shock Sticker can setup alarms, can password the
  • Electro Shock 1.0

    A platform adventure game
  • Spug Shock 1.0

    Use your magic stick to clear all the cookies that Spug throws your way! How to Play: Use the mouse to play this
  • Shock Troopers for Neo Geo 1.0

    Shock Troopers is an arcade game. Its gameplay involves taking command of one or three commandos in an 8-way shooter through 6 stages of opposing
  • System Shock 2 1.0

    System Shock 2 is an action role-playing survival horror video game. In this game the player can upgrade his skills by using cyber-modules given as
  • Grid shock 1.0

    The developer: Grid shock is a project from about 4 years ago. Yeah, I know. However, since my Plaidnotion cohort had helped me establish an online
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 8

    With over 3.5 million users, Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 dominates the world of professional web authoring in much the same way that Photoshop dominates
  • Macromedia HomeSite 5.5

    The professional web developers are using Macromedia HomeSite that is perfect design tool for HTML. It has following key features: it has user
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0

    Dreamweaver 8 is the industry-leading web development tool, enabling users to efficiently design, develop and maintain standards-based websites and
  • Macromedia Flash MX 7.0

    Macromedia Flash MX is an advanced authoring environment for creating interactive websites, digital experiences and mobile content. It leverages the
  • Macromedia Flash 8

    Driven by extensive, global customer input, Macromedia Flash 8 Professional marks a significant release that encompasses major advancements in
  • Macromedia Fireworks MX

    Macromedia Fireworks MX created Fireworks as a complete graphics applications meant towards Web designers. Photoshop or CorelDraw are its more
  • Macromedia FreeHand MX

    Adobe FreeHand is the most efficient and handy Tool of choice for designers creating and producing illustrations and layouts for print and the Web.
  • Macromedia Director MX 2004

    Author once and deploy anywhere with Macromedia Director MX 2004, the proven multimedia tool for building rich, interactive content and applications
  • Macromedia Authorware 7

    Reduce learning time and speed development with the familiar Macromedia user interface. Dockable panels can be grouped together, collapsed, or
  • Macromedia Contribute 3

    Macromedia Contribute 3 is an easy to use Web publishing program designed to make editing a Web site as easy as using a word processor. Updating sites
  • Macromedia Fireworks 8

    Macromedia created Fireworks 8 as a complete graphics applications aimed towards Web designers. It offers more advanced image control than existing
  • Macromedia Generator 2.6

    Macromedia Generator is an ideal solution for companies who need to deliver dynamic, graphical content to customers who require fast downloads and
  • Macromedia Flash 2.0

    Flash 2.0 is a software tool for developers who want to create animated Interfaces for the web or simple animations. Interactivity on the web is
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  • Shock View 2.31

    View and edit your digital photos View and edit your digital photos, batch rename them with shock View. shock View is an image viewer for digital camera users. shock View easily provides cute picture frames or
  • AVOne - All to MP3/WAV Converter 2.50

    AVOne - All to MP3/WAV Converteris a powerful MP3 and wave creator from many kinds of windows media files. Media formats include video and audio, including RM RAM RMVB AVI MPEG wma asf and wave format. You can convert
  • Shock Sticker 2.93

    shock Sticker is a post-it utility for Windows capable to manage memos and schedules.Additionally shock Sticker can setup alarms, can password the Stickies and minimize or hide them according to your
  • ZTool 1.002

    Use Z-Tool with your laptop and any popularZ-wave USB interface to quickly and easily set up your Z-wave home network.Then, attach the Z-wave interface to any Z-wave enabled software or hardware control system for total
  • Wave Explorer 1.3

    The 'wave Explorer' is a friendly and powerful wave sound browser which allows you to easily find/listen/copy/MOVE wave files.Each wave is displayed as a button - just click it to play the wave!-With the 'Search
  • ZAP Visual Plugin 1.0

    ZAP Visual Plugin (ZVP) is compatible with visual plug-ins created for Sonique or Ultra Player. However all of the plug-ins you can download do not work the same, some could even cause errors, here is a list of well
  • MP3 CD Creator 1.32

    MP3 CD Creator consists of MP3 To wave Transformer and wave CD Creator. MP3 To wave Transformer converts mp3 files to wave files and wave CD Creator records the wave files to CD.MP3 To wave Transformer will make it
  • My Wave Maximizer 1.3.0

    My wave Maximizer can create a Big Sound wave file like a current CD Sound from your wave file. My wave Maximizer amplify a sound after compressing the upper area in order to reduce clipping noise and keep sound
  • Transverse Wave Model -

    Transverse wave Model is a small, Java based application specially designed to help you analyze the motion of a transverse wave on a String. The simulation allows an arbitrarily polarized wave to be created. The
  • All Media To Mp3 Converter Pro 7.7

    If you need to convert your video an d audio files to MP3, WMA and wave format, please try our Newlive All to MP3 Converter. It supports the following formats: AVI (XVID, DIVX), MPEG1/2, MPG, MPE, MPA, RM, RMVB, RA,
  • Half Wave Plate Program -

    Half wave Plate Program is a handy, Java based tool designed to displays the effect of a half wave plate on an incident electromagnetic wave. The Default electromagnetic wave is plane polarized but this polarization
  • MP3 Wave Maker 1.50

    MP3 wave Maker allows you to easily convert wave files into the popular MP3 file format. Because there are MORE MP3 audio players than wave players, you can enjoy your music in more places. And because sending MP3 files
  • Combat Mission: Shock Force 1.2 1.0

    Combat Mission: shock Force is poised to become the new gold standard for computer wargames and military simulations. With over three years of intensive ground-up development, Combat Mission: shock Force is ready to
  • Video To MP3/WAVE Extract 1.12

    Video to mp3/wave Extract is a powerful tool for video file to mp3 wave conversion. The main features include: convert avi to mp3 wave,real format to mp3 wave, vcd/svcd/dvd to mp3 wave,mpeg1/mpeg2 to mp3 wave.Convert
  • WaveThis 1.0.4

    Create a wave about web pages you find as you surf, share the wave with your friends. Lots of interesting content on web these days. When you find a website of Interest, click the waveThis button to create a wave
  • MIDI to WAVE 2.0

    MIDI to wave is an easy-to-use tool for converting MIDI to wave format with CD quality. Normally MIDI files are not processed directly by other programs such as audio converters, music editors, or CD burners. So after
  • NewLive All Media To Mp3 Converter 8.0

    You need to convert your video and audio files to Mp3, Wma and wave format, but you have tired to start audio conversion utility every time? Try to use our Newlive All To MP3 Converter. It supports the following format:
  • PQI Ur-Fortress 1.0.303

    PQI Ur-Fortress is a software that helps you to protect your data using AES256 encryption technology. Ur Fortress features data encryption for all storage and memory devices. manufactures by Power Quotient International
  • SWF Extractor 2.2

    Lets you extract all the Images and Sounds resources from any macromedia Flash movie SWF Extractor lets you extract all the Images and Sounds resources from any macromedia Flash movie file also known as SWF file (.swf
  • Shock Sensor Utility

    In the event your hard disk drive experiences an excessive vibration or shock, there is a possibility that the read-write head will come in contact with of the rotating platter, resulting in a "head crash." If this
  • Furry Wave PhotoShop Brush 1.0

    Furry wave PhotoShop Brush is a photoshop addon with fun wave effects.This is a fun wave brush I created. It works well for fur or for a basket weave type effect.Choose any fun wave you like, and then put them in your
  • w3Saver 1.1

    With "w3Saver", you can create favorite lists of web pages to display. This lists can include local or Internet content and content can include web pages (html, asp, jsp, vbs, perl, cgi, txt, etc.), shock-wave/flash
  • Quantum Tunneling and Wave Packets 1.12

    Watch quantum "particles" tunnel through barriers. Explore the properties of the wave functions that describe these particles. Visualize wave functions for constant, step, and barrier potentials. Visualize both plane
  • ADShareit SWF to Video Converter Pro 5.5

    You can use handy software ADShareit SWF to Video Converter Pro for following purposes: for converting macromedia Flash SWF to AVI, DVD, VCD / SVCD, and to MPEG files; for converting macromedia Flash SWF to GIF
  • Phone Tone Decoder 1.2

    PhoneTone Decoder is the programming component for beginning to advanced developers. Component FeaturesDecode DTMF from wave file or wave stream or wave/in devices. Decode FSK Caller-ID from... Decode TTY/TDD Baudot
  • Mobile Music Polyphonic 4.03

    Mobile Music Polyphonic is a polyphonic ringtones composer and converter, which enables you convert midi, mp3, wave, mmf, avi, rmvb, rm, wma, wmv, mpeg to cellphone polyphonic ringtone format m4r(iPhone ringtone),
  • AnalogX Vocoder 1.02

    The incredible software AnalogX Vocoder is capable of producing sound of the instrument that is modulated by the speech wave. It does this because it is capable of combining a wave file with speech or singing, and
  • Mobile Music Polyphonic (Ringtone Suite) 4.01

    Mobile Music Polyphonic is a polyphonic ringtones composer and converter, which allows you convert midi, mp3, wave, mmf, avi, rmvb, rm, wma, wmv, mpeg to cellphone polyphonic ringtone format m4r(iPhone ringtone),
  • Wave Merger Software

    wave Merger Software is used to Combine two or more recorded wave format sound files into one large wave file. Wav combiner application can merge two or more wav files into one large wav file without considering which
  • Macromedia Flash Player Uninstaller 7.0

    The macromedia Flash Player Uninstaller is a useful utility for troubleshooting and for testing detection schemes. Download and run the macromedia Flash Player Uninstaller to remove all versions of macromedia Flash